A tapping machine is a device used to test the impact sound insulation of floors. The standard tapping machine has five hammers placed in a line. Each hammer is lifted and dropped in turn, creating 20 impacts per second on the floor. In the room below, a sound level meter is used to measure the sound level created by the impacts. Because the force and frequency of the impacts is known, the impact insulation provided by the floor can be determined from the sound level.

WCE – 1804 – Automatic PLC Taping Machine Four Axis.

Features :-

  1. Essential parts are adopted with japan made component it ensures machine reliability and durability.
  2. Control touch penal, simple and easy for input.
  3. Equipped with japan precision cylinder to control tape tension that is essential to ensure product quality.
  4. Free setting of spindle angle.
  5. Adopted with servo motor in synchronized control.
  6. Manual loading auto tape and cut, auto unload.
  7. Tooling can be changed easily for different models.

WCE – 1648    Auto coil/core taping machine.

1. Suitabe for tapes’s inner hole between 34mm and 77mm.
2. Applied size ranges WCE – 1648: EE10 – 35: WCA – 1648A: EE25 – 48: WCA – 1648B: EI 35 – 66.
It’s also suitable for ferrit taping application
3. Two spindles rorating taping type, pitch can be adjiusted from 25mm to 85 mm.
4. Taping position can be adjusted as well astension force, number of turns etc.
5. Change simple mold for different components.

WCE – 1648XA  Fully auto coil taping machine with bowl feeder.

  • Auto feeding, loading, taping, cutting and unloading function with high efficiency but few costs.
  • Senser can detect the track when loading coil.
  • Suitable for tape’s inner hole dimension between 34mm and 77mm.
  • Transformer size ranges:WCE – 1648: EE10 – 35:WCE – 1648A: EE25-48: WCE – 1648B: E35 – 66.
  • Two spindles rotating taping pitch can be adjusted from 25mm to 85mm.
  • Taping position can be adjusted as well as tension force, number of turns etc.
  • Change simple mode for different compone

WCE- 200   Core taping machine

  1. Suitable for any adhesive tape material.
  2. Use of holding sets, ensure to meet mostly shapes or size of components.
  3. Adjustable of tension force. Settable of number of taping turns.
  4. Optional choice of holder set rotating taping type.

WCE – ZCUT2  Auto tape dispenser

  1. Ideal for multiple operators and high volume requirements.
  2. Once you hit a button, it sticks the tapes halfway around as it cuts.
  3. Unique feed system places tape on carousel for easy removal.
  4. Enable to cut many kinds of tape with one machine.
  5. Can cut kapton tapes without cutting also can cutvery slim tape to 3mm width minimally.
  6. Change the length of tape and spacing by knob.



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