A Dispensing machine is a machine that dispenses items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine. The first modern vending machines were developed in England in the early 19th century and dispensed postcards.

The earliest known reference to a dispensing machine is in the work of Hero of Alexandria, a first-century AD Greek engineer and mathematician. His machine accepted a coin and then dispensed holy water. When the coin was deposited, it fell upon a pan attached to a lever. The lever opened a valve which let some water flow out. The pan continued to tilt with the weight of the coin until it fell off, at which point a counterweight snapped the lever up and turned off the valve.

WCE – R300B Compact Type Auto Liquid Dispensing machine

WCE – R300B2Y Auto Liquid Dispensing Machine (Dual Syringe Guns & Slide Working Trays Type)

Features :-

  1. Interpolate lines or acres for three dimensional dispensing that accurate continuous path motion.
  2. Volume , size , speed, times , waiting times can be numerically set. Precisely dispense without leaking.
  3. Adopted with micro stepping motor for XYZ motion control , deliver a precise and stable speedy motion dispensing.
  4. A variety of dispensing can be fulfilled.
  5. The WCE-R300B2Y is ideal for single or dual-component gasket, potting, or dot placement processes. With dual headed syringe guns & slide working trays system providing  a high level  of productivity. No idle while waiting for dispensing in process, operators are free to load and unload tray that being dispensed. It also delivers a closed-loop process that is consistent and reliable. Save labour & production cost.

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