WCE – 310 Enemal wire coating


    1. Strip any kind of PE, PVF, APB..high temperature resisted enemal wire.
    2. Wire diameter range: 0.5 – 5.0 mm
    3. Suitable for same diameter of wire stripping for mass production.
    4. Desk-top type, no need extra hand holding.
    5. Twisted wire can bestripped thoroughly without break.
    6. Adjustable tripping hold , easy for make adjustment.


WCE – 410 Enamel wire coating remover ( multi – wires )


1. Strip any kind of PE, PVF, APB…high temperature resisted enamel wire.
2. Wire diameter range: 0.1 – 2.0 mm.
3. Capable of stripping multiple wires at one times.
4. Stripping by brush roll ( steel, stainless steel, glass) instead of blades.
5. Desk – top type, no need extra hand holding.


WCE -230  Stripping machine ( compact type )

  1. Applicable for any size of wire with flat strip or round strip.
  2. An improvement of stripping system for conventional computer wires, it strips off wire with a front clip and back strip movement.
  3. A set of stripping tooling/ blade for any size of wire.
  4. Special alloybody and cylinder built, it gives a steadily and wearable performance, low working noise and easy to carry.
  5. Save cost, only a set of blade needed for all wire size stripping application. Self – life of blade can last for 1,000,000 stripping.

WCE – 100 Micro computer belt cutting machine.


  1. This machine is adopted micro computer numerical controlling device to set the belt cutting length that precision, simple of operating & low wastage rate.
  2. It is suitable for heat shrinkage tube, cable wire.PVCsleev tube insulating paper, twin surface bonding tape etc cutting use.

WCE- 220/ WCE-220T     Auto Wire Cut Strip & Twist Machine.


  1. Applicable for electric wire, taflon, coaxial cable, fiber wire and tube etc. Fully automatic cutting, stripping, half stripping, middle stripping and twisting functions.
  2. Thismachine meet the requirements of modern electronic features such as light, short & thin, small and high precision. Even a difficult  processing wire 1 mm to 50 mm it can be overcame. For example, the length is 1 mm both end strip 0.3 mm can be made, even insulation wire can be stripped to a length of 99 mm.